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Motorized reproduction of the fairground attraction 'Flipper" made with Lego.

Foldable on two 8 studs large trailers.

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Scheda tecnica

Width (cm)46
Depth (cm)51
Height (cm)28
Weight (Kg)2,5
Number of parts2368
Construction Steps443
Motors included2
Control Box8 Speeds Remote Control



  • Full ride (10 seats in rotation are lifted to 60° by a cylinder)
  • Checkout
  • 2 trucks
  • printed on photo paper decorations
  • CD-ROM containing the installation and transport instructions (.pdf) and scenery (.jpg)

Optional (complete motorized kit):

  • 2 Engine and battery box (Lego Power functions)
  • 8 speeds remote control
  • Infrared receiver

Age : 10+




Example of assembly instructions

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