Motorized reproduction of the fairground attraction 'FreakOut' made with LEGO.

Foldable on one trailer.


  • 4 rotating gondolas at the end of a vertical swinging arm (16 places)
  • Checkout
  • Transport truck
  • CD-ROM with assembly and transport instructions (.pdf)

Optional (complete motorized kit):

  • Engine and Battery Operated Box

Age : 10+


Data sheet

Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (Kg)
Number of parts
Construction Steps
Motors included
Control Box
Battery Box (On/Off)
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arm hardly moves

my arm doens't realy swing. it goes a bit up and down but not as high as shown in the video how can i change that?<br /> <br /> it all works with brand new batteries

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Reply from Johann Franckelemon - LETSGORIDES:
Thanks for your feedback !<br /> The movement of the arm will depend on several factors:<br /> - Type of batteries used and level of battery wear<br /> - Tightening of moving parts<br /> - Friction exerted by the tire (page 313)<br /> <br /> Do not hesitate to use the "contact us" link on the website for help

I want it!!!

This looks really good. it might be a bit expencive but i'l let that slide through

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its tooo expensive

why is it too expensive? its just a lego ride not a real one stop using the expensive price and looks cool anyways...

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